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Fear Of Uncertainty

Fear of Uncertainly

Everyone has experienced some sort of fear of the future. Whether it’s something that you know is going to happen or if it’s something you fear might happen. The fear of the uncertain or unknown is part of human nature and it is one of our oldest fears.

We don’t fear the future, but what we fear is something we don’t like happening. This could be change, pain, suffering, loss of anything, failing, etc. Some of these fears aren’t even realistic, like fear of failing.

You don’t know you’re going to fail. Actually, there is just as much of a chance of you becoming successful. Do you fear that?

The odds are basically the same today, tomorrow, and next week of anything good or bad happening. You can’t predict the future. The only real influence you have is when you get into a certain mindset then you start to work towards that thought, good or bad, with or without you knowing about it consciously. Your subconscious mind works in mysterious ways and sometimes it can bring your fears into reality. Don’t get caught up in this kind of thinking.

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